VintFun Game Swatter

"Every Sword has a name in Game of Thrones, what's yours name ?"
——Get FREE Personalized Name Game Swatter 

How to Get it ?

Posting to Vint more Fun on Instagram、Youtube、Facebook
Any of the following will be OK !
1、Posting photo of VintFun on Instagram , with the hashtag #VintFun

2、Posting photo you playing VintFun on Instagram, with the hashtag #VintFun

3、Posting photo of VintFun with your local landmark on Instagram, with the hashtag #VintFun

4、Posting playing video of VintFun on Youtube, with the hashtag #VintFun

5、Posting review or unboxing video of VintFun on Youtube, with the hashtag #VintFun


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1、VintFun will choose the qualified Post,  and it will be decided by VintFun

2、VintFun will print your signature name on Game Swatter as gift, ship to you, all FREE !

3、All your gift will be given to you once verified, video or photos must meet our requirements about its content

4、All your post on Instagram or Facebook should include #VintFun hashtag, so that we could find it and give you gift.

5、All your post on Youtube should have #VintFun in its title or description

You can also see more on instagram @vintfun