The VintFun Story

How we come up with this idea of Game Swatter? 

By Ray Lu



In April of 2018, I decided to create some unique things that could make more people happy with affordable price. I threw myself into office for 4 months, focused on studying the most funny productions in past years. It was at this feelings that I first experienced the creaters' amazing work. I was shocked.

Shorty after that, I am trying to thinking different......

Is there any way to make a common production more funny ?
Is this will be an affordable production after recreated ?
Is it possible for me to realize it before running out my money ?
Am I really passionate about this ?

Idea come out

The idea comes out in a noon of August within one minutes, at the first sight I saw a bug zapper. If it could give out some sounds when kick mosquito, that must be funny. What sound it should be ? Ah...yes...I had played CS、Dota、LoL for many years, if killing sounds like that, that will be perfect !!! Blood was getting hot, and I decided to work on this idea within 5 minutes.

Endless Learning

I continued learning how to be a good product manager, whom I should put my heart in, where to find people to realize it. A lot of things to learn and solve, I was totaly fresh on this. Everytime I suspected if this idea could realize, my passion helped me to go on,the worse thing was running out my money, I still had the ability to alive. That was why I asked myself " Am I really passionate about this ? ". You can't do it well if don't have passion on unlike thing.

Prototype Done

Very lucky, finnally, we realized the function in February 2019. Started to optimize prototype and confirmed the finall version until Mar 2019.

Every one has a dream

It was very rewarding to share my experiences of realizing this small idea. Every people in the world has dream, no matter it is big or small, just do it after you ask yourselves 4 questions, we are all fresh before we start !

Back us if you like us

VintFun is small at this point, but I always has a larger vision for what it could become. If you like us, please back us and share to your friends.
Thank you !
Ray Lu

VISION : Vint More Fun to The World.

MISSION : Realize Funny ideas with Affordable Price.



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